Cost of Termite Fumigation

Termite infestation is one of the greatest fears of every homeowner in Nigeria. For such miniscule creatures, termites can bring catastrophic damage upon any foundation that is built from wood or closely-related materials. It is incredibly rare for termites to be found in small numbers, so any time that a foundation begins to show signs of their presence, drastic steps are required. The most common and effective of these drastic steps, is termite fumigation.

Initial Inspection and Getting an Estimate
When you first see signs of termites — or even if you aren’t sure of the signs and just want to be certain — you’ll likely want to call up a pest control service provider and have them visit your home for an inspection. Most established pest control services will provide an inspection of your foundation at no cost to you. Once the inspection has been completed and your foundation has been diagnosed with a termite infestation, the pest control representative will inform you of your options. The cost of these options can quickly become very expensive depending on the abundance and type of termites present, the size of your home (typically, measured in cubic feet, but appraised in linear feet), and the extent of damage that the termites have inflicted upon your foundation. Depending on the type of termites your house is infested with, the pest control representative may recommend having your house fumigated.

The cost of fumigation in Nigeria can range anywhere from 10,000 Naira (a rare minimum) to tens of thousands (in cases where the infestation is extreme, or where the house itself has large measurements). If your house has extensions such as a garage, deck, or patio, these too will have to be fumigated and will also be factored into the final bill. Pricing of fumigation can range anywhere between 5000Naira per room to 15000 per room depending on a lot of factors.


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