People often ask us how they can get rid of the mosquitoes that are in their yard or home.  By the time you have a large mosquito population to deal with, you are too late to deal with them the best way:  Prevention.  The ideal approach for controlling mosquitoes is to never let the population explode in the first place. We always recommend using mosquito repellents, but are there things you can do to make your entire yard less attractive to mosquitoes? Everyone knows that mosquitoes are annoying, but there are serious health reasons for keeping mosquito colonies from forming around your yard or home.  The advent of the Zika virus is just the latest in a number of mosquito-borne issues that present real health risks.  Mosquitoes also carry more common diseases like West Nile Virus, and in other parts of the world more deadly afflictions like Malaria. FIVE WAYS TO CONTROL MOSQUITOES IN YOUR YARD ELIMINATE ALL STANDING WATER The single most important thing you can do to mana

DIY Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are the small nocturnal insects that multiply speedily if not eliminated quickly. These creepy bugs can infest every corner of your house. They belong to Cimicidae family, which feed on blood and are commonly found in warm temperature places. Bed bugs are active only during the night hours, according to research since they are very shy. To hide themselves in the day time, they use desks, drapery, linens, nightstands, headboards, mattresses, artwork frames and clothing. A bed bug pierces the skin of warm blooded individuals and draws blood using its two hollow tubes and feeds on the body of a host for five minutes. Getting rid of bed bugs can be very difficult. Although there are various severe chemicals that can be used which are quite expensive, they just might be causing harm to you and your family. It is very possible to get rid of these bugs in an all natural chemical-free, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly method. You should note that bed bugs were once a common publ

Methods of Treating Bed Bugs Infestation in Nigeria

A look at some of the most effective bed bugs treatment methods in Nigeria that you can do it yourself to control and kill bed bugs without hiring expensive exterminators. 1. Vacuum Cleaning Vacuuming is one of the primary steps to getting rid of bed bugs. You should thoroughly vacuum the entire house if you suspect there are bed bugs in your home. Vacuum all mattresses in your house, including any upholstered furniture such as sofa, as well as curtains. Use the vacuum's crevice suction tool for deep vacuuming especially for the bed frames, headboards and any seams and cracks on your walls or floors that the regular vacuum tool cannot clean. Last but not least, do vacuum the carpets and rugs too. Immediately after vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and trash it outside away from the house. Note: Although vacuuming will not kill bed bugs, it can help to control and get rid of most of them before your whole house or apartment get infested. F

Dangers of living in bedbug-infested homes

Bed bugs live in any articles of furniture, clothing, or bedding, so they or their eggs may be present in used furniture or clothing. They spread by crawling and may contaminate multiple rooms in a home or even multiple dwellings in apartment buildings. They may also be present in boxes, suitcases, or other goods that are moved from residence to residence or from a hotel to home. Bed bugs can live on clothing from infested homes and may be spread by a person unknowingly wearing infested clothing.

Pest Control Service in Ikoyi, Lekki, VI and Ajah Lagos

Do you live around  Ikoyi, Lekki, VI and Ajah Lagos? Are pests disturbing your home? Fret no more: your solution has come. Uninvited critters, insects and other pests are not only an eyesore to tenants and customers – they are potential health hazards that need to be removed from your premises immediately. Cleaneat Integrated Services offers fumigation services in Lekki Lagos . We understand the importance of pest control within (and around) buildings, and have a dedicated team of pest control specialists ready to spring into action when needed. To ensure the effectiveness of our intervention, we will study your site and provide you a customised pest management program – ensuring maximum results with minimal disruption to the everyday activities happening in your building. We have fumigators in Lekki, VI and Ikoyi to handle all your pest control needs. We also f umigation services in Ikeja , surulere and other parts of Lagos mainland Our range of  pest control solutions /service

The 5 big Signs of Termites in your Home

Here are the five big signs of a termite infestation in your home during the winter. If you see any of these telltale signs of termites, you should immediately call our team. 1. Mud tubes The most visible sign of a termite infestation are the mud tubes they create. These tubes, primarily made of dirt, help the termites move to their food source. The tubes protect the termites and maintain a humid and warm environment for the storage of food. There are two places where you should keep an eye out for tubes: Your foundation slab: Check the outside of your foundation slab periodically. Subterranean termites cannot eat through the slab, so they have to travel up it via mud tubes to get to the frame of your house. If you see distinctive mud tubes here, it’s time to call Cleaneat Fumigation and Pest Control Services Your attic: Termites like attics here in Nigeria because they’re a source of accessible, exposed wood in a relatively undisturbed place. Look for mud tubes branching

Basic Health and Safety Precautions for Home fumigation

Fumigation kills insects using an odorless lethal gas from the chemical sulfuryl fluoride. As a warning precaution, trace amounts of tear gas (chloropicrin) are released at the time of fumigation since tear gas has a strong odor and causes eye and respiratory irritation. Fumigation must be carried out by a professional fumigator who will tent the entire outside of your home with large tarps, and fumigate with sulfuryl fluoride pumped through a special hose. Precautions must be taken when having your home fumigated. Precautions Taken by the Homeowner The homeowner should make sure all people, pets and plants are removed. Seal food and medicine in fume-bags provided by the fumigator. Remove all outside plants that are close to the home, and water the soil heavily to prevent the fumigant from getting into the soil. Remove weather vanes, chimney caps and antennas to allow for proper placement of the tent. Remove boards or posts of fences that abut the house so tarps can reach the